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What type of bike should I choose?
Normally, this depends on the type of use you have in mind for your new bike. For instance, if you need a bike to get to work everyday, then a utility bike may be best for you. If you’re keen on improving your physique on your leisure time and willing to visit the mountains and countryside on weekends, then a mountain bike may be right for you.
Should my pedaling be fast or slow?
Stick to a comfortable speed. The challenge for fitness-minded cyclists is to pedal as fast as possible to burn more calories, but habitual cycling normally makes for faster pedaling. The key is to know what feels natural to your body. Gears may be adjusted to allow pedaling to be slightly faster, if you desire to go faster on your bicycle. Just gradually move it up a notch every few rides.
How do I choose the right cycling shoe?
As with any type of shoe, it is most important that your shoes are comfortable and fit right. Trying on many different shoes and comparing their feel on your feet is the best way to shop for one. Also, consider how you intend to use it, and what type of environment you’ll be using it in when biking.

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