This classic design of Vespa scooter still remains popular these days.

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The Vespa is the best-known scooter brand in the world today. Created by the Italian-based company, Piaggio, the original Vespa scooter design first appeared in the market in 1946. This classic design still remains popular these days. The creation of the Vespa was said to be the company’s response to the Italian’s needs for personal mobility, after the World War II destroyed most of the country’s thoroughfares.
Not long after, the success of the Vespa was challenged by other manufacturers. Only after a year from the Vespa’s introduction, came the Lambretta, manufactured by another Italian company called Innocenti. This company focused on marketing the Lambretta as a scooter that’s more stylish and performed better. However, a financial crisis has lead to the discontinuation of the Lambretta line in 1970.

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