Scooters are considerable easy to own.

Bicycles and Scooters
Bicycles and Scooters

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Scooters can be gas-powered or electric, and choosing between these two types should be determined by the kind of usage you intend for your scooter. Electric motors are often built into scooters that are meant for traveling short distances, or for mobility of handicapped users. The latter type may be built with 3 or 4 wheels for balance and practicality of use. Meanwhile, gas-powered motors are more common for scooters meant for travel over long distances. The gas-powered scooter is a good alternative vehicle for the daily commute to school or work, as it costs less to fill up a scooter gas tank than a car gas tank.
Nowadays, scooters also come in different styles and colors, while the speeds vary widely. Moreover, scooters are considerable easy to own. Old people and even young kids will find it easy to use, as varieties will cater to different needs. Some scooters may even be foldable, making it easy to store.

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