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What are the things to remember when I go shopping for a scooter?
The first thing to do is to browse for different scooters to get a broad idea of what’s available for you. You can do this in nearby motorcycle or scooter stores, or through different scooter sites on the web. When comparison shopping, always check the size of the engine and its speed; it is recommended that you buy a slightly faster scooter in comparison to the speed you may prefer. Also, examine the disc brakes, chrome parts, headlights and other details. You should check for a warranty as well.
Are gas scooters illegal in selected areas?
Some local governments ban the use of gas scooters, so check the local policy on scooters before you decide to acquire one.
Is there such a thing as a regulation-size engine for scooters in the US?
Generally, a scooter must have a 150cc-200cc engine to be able to go on any major highway in the United States, but take note that regulations vary in each state, so check with the local government. Your scooter must also be of the right size and speed so as not to obstruct traffic in whatever area you’re in.
What is a scooter rally?
A scooter rally is an event that lasts throughout the night. It is where scooter users and enthusiasts meet in one area, and may even be made of several meets. It may also involve parties, concerts, swap meets, and riding events.
Why is “running in” so important for my scooter’s engine?
The scooter has a two-stroke engine, and as such, should not be driven at consistent speeds for prolonged periods when it is still new. The engine’s piston rings must be worn-in, and to do so, keep the rides short of full speed during the first few hundred miles. In other words, drive normally, avoiding excessively long periods of consistent throttle. On the highway, be sure to vary speeds every few minutes. Changing oil early, such as every 500 and 1000 miles, will help keep your engine in good condition.

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